GREAT salesmen!

took my $500.00 US

car was not advertised anywhere!

will not return calls or email after.

sent the case to the Attorney General's office

I was contacted by “One Stop Motors.com after listing my car for sale a Free For Sale website (evidently THEY own the website! This is how they get their leads!)

They had a great story about how they would sell my car within 30 days and that only certain cars are suitable for the program, mine being a Porsche, was one of them.

They said they “sell 16,000 vehicles per year through their system which is backed by a video they have of a race car driver’s testimony.

For $500.00 (US) my car was to be advertised on “hundreds of websites” for as long at it needed to be advertised until, I say “stop” or until it it sold whichever occurs first.

They would also put the car on Ebay for 30 days

They handle all the calls and present all offers to me, I wouldn't have to take a call from anyone but them!

Because they are a “finance company” they can finance the car for a buyer and pretty much anyone is approved.

If they need a warranty, (mechanical or cosmetic) they can add that into the finance costs. Need shipping? No problem! They wrap that into the financing too and all the buyer has to worry about is 10% down!

I couldn't find anything wrong with the program but never jumped at it either. But they were persistent, calling me every day, sometimes several times a day.

It was a fantastic story! Finally I gave them my credit card number over the phone and they charged 500.00 US to it immediately!

After this their calls to me stopped. After a few months I asked them to show me where my car was advertised. They sent me a link of pages it was supposedly on but my car was not listed on any of the pages on the link.

Today that link is totally dead and my login will not work either.

I emailed the company about the link they sent me, without my car advertised. There was no response..

emailed my contact again and again, no response.

Then I Googled “One Stop Motors” and see that there are many complaints against the company and that they are listed on Scam.com


and “RipOffReport”


any many other websites.. I wish I would have done this first.

I hope this helps others.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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