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The sales department really pushed the money back guarantee to get me to sign-up and give then $500.. At the time I turned in my boat photos, etc., I asked if everything was complete and in order for the money back guarantee in case they didn't sell my 05 boat.

After the 6 month deadline and no calls I tried to get my refund. They told some things were never completed at the start and I didn't have a photo of my engine hour meter. My boat doesn't have an hour meter (I bought the boat new). The other items not completed should have been pointed out by the sales person as mandatory. But they said everything was done that was necessary.

One Stop Motors was purposefully deceitful and dishonest.

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i have something that may help file your reports and scarms to the bbb of los vegas call this number 702-320-4500 ext. 224 and file your complaint here

Sanibel, Florida, United States #140558

The terms and conditions of the One Stop Motors 180 Day Money Back Guarantee are and always have been clearly posted on the home page of the website. It is never the intention of OSM or it's employees to intentionally mislead anyone regarding the compliance or lack of compliance with regards to the money back guarantee policy.

We sincerely welcome this customer to contact us so that we can discuss the account further and come up with a different strategy to get the vehicle sold. Although the refund was denied, we are willing to continue listing it for sale.

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