I've been reading some comments by people on this website and I just want to put in my two cents. This company helped me sell my custom motorcycle, quickly and for more money than I had been asking for.

In addition they provided shipping of the bike to its new owner in Arizona and I paid nothing for that. I am therefore a big fan of One Stop Motors..just sayin'..! My sales rep was Greg and he was very courteous and answered all of my silly questions.

So if any of you out there are thinking about using this service..remember there are always two sides to a story and usually the truth is somewhere in between.

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I think you all need to get a life if all you do is set here and post numerous posts on here and no idea if they are true or not.. One Stop Motors is not going by the name Suresell or Usa Motors or any other name besides ONE STOP MOTORS.

I think there are other companies that have many other ways to find out if one stop is a scam like Ebay, Deals on wheels and Classic cars. They all highly recommend this company and they know the hard facts and truths..

One Stop Motors has sold many vehicles for all these companies... so get a life and a job and talk about something else please!!


So, Gray - I just took your advice and typed in "onestopmotors.com" into one window and "1stopmotors.com" into a different window. The same web site came up on each.

It seems that "1stopmotors.com" redirects to "onestopmotors.com" - which makes me think they *are* the same company.

I realize your comment is about 8 months old, so maybe things have changed. But that's the way they are right now.


Y'all ought to do yer freakin' homework...One Stop Motors is a company that provides a service for its PAYING customers..as does SureSell Autos...a completely seperate outfit founded by the webmaster at OSM...both companys offer the same type of service and are still trying to be what they claim to do. Its a very tough economy out there right now and both companys employ people that are just trying to make it.

There is NOT a scam going on here.. its simply advertising with no guarentee that said program will in fact work...anybody in the car business knows you never can guarentee a sale...thats just the way it works. As for ex employee above..obviously YOU couldn't the job or you'd still be there right...?

Tell it like it is..and if you believe in what your saying...put your name on your comment COWARD..! Vuke OUT..!


i work at one stop motors and i have worked there for about a week i have read most of these reviews and well if you guys have done your research you would have found that there are two different one stop motors one is onestopmotors.com which is a true business and 1stopmotors.com which is the scam you are talking about it took me about 5 minutes to find the two different ones

Hepler, Kansas, United States #53967

Nice try One Stop Scammers, total BS.

One Stop Motors now is going by Car Innovations and Sure Sell/Sale Motors, and USA Motors, beware!

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