They acually changed my ad so I could not get a refund and sent me a letter stating that I didnt have the proper information in my ad to qualify for the refund, yes, I can verify it as they sent me a photo stating my picture was not clear in the photo when it was, the strange thing is the picture they sent was already removed from my ad by them. if you read all these notes I think you know better, hopefully you looked first.

I had spoke with Matt Davidson which said I had everything needed to get my refund and when I kept calling to talk with him they said he no longer works there but yet still has an extension to call. Good Luck.

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I was rip off by these *** bags as well please send me your information name, email and phone number because I am working on building a case my email is ideliscaraballo01@yahoo.com, thanks!


I too got the old screwgie by these dirtbags. They decided after 6 months of running my ad that my photo was too blurry.

I've contacted the Better Business Bureau, NV Attorney General's Office, LV Chamber of Commerce, and the DMV Fraud department. I plan to take them to Small Claims court. These guys are serious bottom feeders. OSM is the face of homegrown terrorism.

We travel the globe trying to squash terrorism while people like this flourish at home. Truly sad.


Another victim falls prey to the dishonest tactics employed by RobWilder and his den of theives!


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