$500 and a guarantee of sale by the crook of a salesman and I never got 1 phone call from somebody that saw the ad....500 of my hard earned pension dollars !! I knew 5 minutes after I gave out my credit card number I was screwd.

I can't dispute it off my c/c account. Absoutely no services rendered for FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS ! How do these CROOKS stay in business? Ignorant fools like me falling for their SCAM over the phone.

Don't talk to them when they call.....They will keep calling you back because they see your other ads and know when it was posted.

My motorcycle wfallas for sale for a couple of months and they prey on the fact that you are desparate to sell it. Don't fall for it!

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Stay away from OneStopMotors.

I put my car on Craigslist & I did not post photos of my car because I did not have a camera or knew how to put photos on the internet. Just gave a description and my phone number. OneStopMotors immediately called with high pressure insisting they are the best way to sell my car fast. I was extremely hesitant, every question I had they said would be in the “contract” that I would receive in the mail. Within three minutes I spoke to three people and foolishly gave them my credit card number. It was amazingly quick. WILL NEVER DO THAT AGAIN. They gave me a phone number and after they hung up I tried to call them back to cancel as I was very leery, but the number they gave me was a non-working number. Red Flags went up.

I immediately did an internet search and saw many hundreds of complaints against them from all over the country. Seeing that I contacted my credit card company and put a “dispute” on the charge. I never received the "contract".

OneStopMotors fought me in the dispute and lost, however, a few months later THEY CAME BACK to my credit card company to fight me again. This time I was able to see the “Ad” they posted on my vehicle. All false information, which is FRAUD.

OneStopMotors stated:

I was the original owner. I was NOT the original owner; I was the second owner.

The car was maintained. The car WAS NOT maintained; I had to put over One-Thousand Dollars into it to make it safe and drivable. I did not know this when I bought the car, as I bought it without driving it or having it inspected. (I had been injured in a car accident and was unable to drive for three weeks after purchasing the car, and that’s when I learned of the problems.)

The car was garaged kept. I do not have a garage and the seller did not have a garage.

No photos of my car was listed. (I never gave them photos)

No Vin Number listed. (I never gave them the Vin Number)

How could a car be sold without the Vin Number for a CarFax?

WITH THE SECOND DISPUTE OneStopMotors, about three months following the first dispute, ACTUALLY SENT ME AN EMAIL ASKING FOR THE VIN NUMBER AND 6 PHOTOS OF MY CAR! This occurred during the second dispute with my credit card company and myself!

I submitted all evidence showing I was the second owner, the car was not maintained, the various repairs to make the car safe and drivable, and that I did not have a garage.

Can you imagine that OneStopMotors actually emailed me requesting Vin Number and 6 photos from me WHILE THEY WERE FIGHTING ME FOR THE SECOND TIME in my credit card dispute? These people are criminals.

They are relentless. They are dishonest. This is a criminal organization. How could they claim to be able to sell a vehicle without the Vin Number? Why did they give me a NON-WORKING PHONE NUMBER to contact them? How could they “advertise” my car AGAINST my wishes? And if they “advertised” my car as they claimed, how is it I never received one telephone call or one email regarding my car in over the six months they claimed to have posted it? Yet with Craigslist I was getting 3 to 4 telephone calls, and 3 to 4 emails per/day.

Further, how could they advertise a car WITHOUT A VIN NUMBER?

There needs to be a class action suit against the organization. I had to fight two disputes against them. They are relentless. They work so hard to rob people. My heart goes out to all the people who have been scammed and robbed by this organization.


We received a call from One Stop Motors, a

fellow by the name of Isaac Henderson. He too was convincing and smooth and told us we

could get $5,000.00 more for our Motor Home

than what we were asking on Craig's List.

He mentioned the financing and extended warranty and the shipping of our Motorhome

being offered in their ads would quickly sell our motorhome. Cash directly into our

bank account from their bank. I almost fell

for this and spoke to my husband about this.

I decided to google One Stop Motors and saw

all of your complaints and have convinced my

husband not to send them $499. as requested

for their services. Thank you all for your

comments. We might have had regrets.


Robert Wilder, the owner of One Stop Motors, is not concerned with how many vehicles he sells. On the contrary, Mr.

Wilder is only concerned with how many people he can steal money from on a daily basis. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY.




This was exactly what I went looking for. i just Posted My Low Mi. Porsche and received a few messages in the last few days, they actually got me directly this morning. Smooth talkers! I've always believed if its too good to be true, IT IS ALWAYS FALSE OR A SCAM!

Thanks for saving me $399



Thanks, they almost go me too. Thanks to you I saved $ 299.

They had a sale!


I have a free way to sell your car if it is 75 and older. Www.Hotrodsandmore.com no strings, the only promise is that it is free we ask for no credit card.

Contact me at Hotrodsandmore@gmail.com or 360-489-8864


Thank you for all the imformation. They contacted my husband over the phone with the same offer but with a little research i was able to see that they are just scammers.


Unfortunately I didn’t search the internet to find that onestopmotos is a scam. I think I'm still a little bit in denial about the situation, but I have to admit my story sounds familiar like the rest of us suckers :) My ad has been posted with them for over 6 months and I have yet to get one phone call or any offers thrown at me.

I feel it could have been worse than 300 dollars. When I accepted their help I figured there was a possibility they wouldn't sell my vehicle, but I had no idea they would do me this wrong. (Small price to pay in order to learn from such a mistake)

I've complained to them, so they boost my package to the next level, but still no call, no offers. I get more calls from Craig’s list then I do from them. I won't let this S#@T slide. They will give me my money back or I feel sorry for them. Enough said....


I've wondered if enough suckers decided to take action TOGETHER if we could at least get them exposed. There are local television stations that do consumer investigative reporting who might look into it for us.

I agree with the Godfearing woman and have done the same thing when I was defrauded. It actually worked for me too. The credit card companies work hard for you. It is easy to prove how OneStopMotors defrauds people and all they need is proof.

On my ad, they listed it with Yahoo. In the list of other autos like mine, mine was the only car not being sold by a Dealer, whose mileage said 0, who had no photos (in spite of the fact they had my photos) and when a buyer wanted to find more details, the details were unavailable.


OSM called me and the first woman was so sweet,

Then she turned me over to her closer. She told

me how they would run ads for me until the car sells. It would be in there best interest to sell the car in as shortest time possible, because it cost them money to continue to run

the ad indefinitely. What a load of BS. These

people are crooks. They will take you money and not do a thing except pay thier phone bill. DON'T FALL FOR THERE LINE OF BULL.

You know, I was born at night, but it wasn't

last night. :(


was assured of sale and talked into increasing selling price by $1000. Back $1500 lower now 9 months later with not one email or call or counter offer. To live the life of these salespeople would lead me to want to kill myself, what a pathetic life I'd rather be a fool that gave his money than the devil that took it.


you are not a fool. the sale person we had called for a month until we fell for it.

he was so good. telling you that he personally will help sell your car.

something has to be done. they are purposely scamming people.


the best thing to use is your credit card! we did and I'm glad we did. the thing is if you get a credit card make sure they will fight for you when this happens. this happened to us. our credit card fought for us. when I know I'm right I am a fighter , I give a mean ***! this has happened to me about 3 times in my life and have won all three time. our medical insurance , a company stating that they could lower my interest on my credit card, and one stop motors. I won them all!

Fight when you know your right!

call your credit card and dispute it.


i got a call from them also after posting my car on CL. not sure if they are really a scam.... will think about if i'll try it and repost again.


i also paid 300 for them to post my add and its been 3 months now and ive never recieved 1 call from one stop motors.SCAMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!IVE GOTTEN TONS OF CALL BY POSTING ON EBAY AND CRAGSLIST


I also got screwed by OneStopMotors.com. But for me after they took my money and made all of the false claims I could not find any advertisements other than my advertisements that I had personally posted in CL.

When I pointed that out to their Customer Service rep, Ashley, she said OSM was not responsible for the Search Engines and Advertising sites that OSM advertised in around the country. If you don't do your job OSM then no advertisement will show up!

I don't know how people like Asley can look herself in the mirror after scamming people as day!

Tom in Detroit, Michigan


I was also contacted by one stop motors shortly after I posted my car on craigslist. Fortunately, I am very wary of scams and decided to research the business before committing. Two things anyone and everyone should keep in mind:

ONE-NEVER give your credit card information to someone who has contacted you! It doesn't matter how much of your information they seem to have already-if someone has contacted you, odds are it's a scam.

TWO-From a legal standpoint-protect your a** with a carefully read and researched contract before paying "up front" for any type of service. Again, if someone or some group is requesting payment but does not provide you with, or is hesitant to enter into, a contract, it's probably a scam. Good luck to everyone contacted by these leaches, it really is unfortunate that people can be this immoral and scam hard working strangers.


Yes we will take your money and list your vehicle for you and yes, we as many businesses in Nevada are not very ethical in our money making ventures. We are Dirt Bags.

Please send us $500 dollars, heck $499 would be ok too. You can advertise your own car for pennies on the dollar.

Don't be *** like I was. 496


Not a good investment. Yes, perhaps the sell a few but scam MANY.

I was not bright enough to do the homework and they stole $500 from me. My car has been reduced to half the price they suggested TWO YEARS ago and still not getting any calls from prospective buyers.

Thanks for nothing! 496

Sanibel, Florida, United States #169567

They called my listed my car and sold in in 30 days dont listen to what people are posting they are just butt hurt there car didnt sell or they didnt get there refund because they didnt follow the terms and conditions.

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