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I have now had my boat listed on One stop Motors for over two years. I have not had one phone call come to me from that listing.

Yes they got my $499.00 and I have recieved nothing from that money spent with One Stop Motors. Does anyone shop from their posts? It is pretty evident that the answer is no........... I listed the same boat on Super DSW and I had phone calls within the same week that I posted and I asked the people where they saw the ad, the answer was Super DSW.

One Stop Motors is in it for taking your money and doesn't car eif they ever sell your item. They are really a rip off.

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Dear "seller",

please contact us immediately to see if we cant resolve any and all issues you may have experienced.

We are NOT satisfied if your not satisfied, hence why we promise to work with you until your vehicles is sold...

Please contact our cs dept at your earliest convenience, in hopes we may be able to settle any and all issues you may have,

many thanks

1 877 566 MOTORS 6686

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