River Grove, Illinois

About 5 calls from One Stop Motors were made before I gave in. They got my phone number from my Craigslist ad.

They listed the car 5k more than what was my original asking price. Absolutley no offers were made. They listed my car on ebay but I did not get an offer close to my lowest possible price. They would not re-list it on ebay as they only do it once.

It has been over 3 months and 3 price reductions and not a single call from one stop motors. I waisted $500 and they told me that after 6 months I can get my money back. When I listed my car for sale I intented to sell it in a month at most and now I still had not sold the car and have to wait 3 more months for my money back. This is insane.

They have no idea what they are doing. I am really not happy with their service. As soon as I gave them my credit card the customer service went down the drain. When I call them to see what is going on with my ad, they keep telling me that they'll relist me on some website (which I never heard of) and that's all they can do.

They assured me that 90% of their sales are made on ebay. They only listed the car there once. They claimed that $500 is the cost of marketing.

If I would spend $500 on cars.com and autotrader.com and ebay I would have my car sold by now. This is a joke.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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these guys called me while i happened to be on my computer, and since it didnt seem right i googled it, found this, and told them ill sell it myself. they told me my vehicle history report for free while they talked to me though, haha i guess i scammed them


Don't plan on getting you money back after 6 months. I also listed with one stop motors and after 6 months and only one call for the vehicle, I went to get a refund for the $499.

They responed and said that I didn't qualify because the proper photos were not provided. I'm sure they will do the same when you go to try and get your refund. You might call them today and verify with someone that you have all the proper photos. Not that it will help anyway.

And to JD, if you are sitting the onestopmotors building, i sorry.

Be careful when payday comes around. You will be promised a paycheck and they will just give you a phone number to call with a voicemail at the end.

Sanibel, Florida, United States #113640

First of all I work for One Stop Motors and the building is not photoshopped I am sitting my *** in a chair on the second floor of that building roght now! IDIOTS!


They are scammers, beware. Even the picture of their so-called "headquarters" on their website is photoshoped! It would be funny if it weren't so sad.


Try asking this, since they offer a money back Guarentee, they can get their $499.00 plus an extra $100.00 if they make the sale, but they only get the money with a finalized sale? If it's reputable they should take that deal, otherwise once they have their fee then there is no motivation for them to complete their promise.


Thank you! I nearly gave these guys $500! Thanks for helping others!

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