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This company is a RIPP OFF! They took my 500.

and they never talked to me again . They promised to sell my vehicle in 6 months...they are liars. Do not give them your money. I have left messages for them to call they have not returned one phone call.

This was a year ago that I gave them money. I'm still trying to get a response from these idiots! My husband was in Iraq at the time that I was trying to sell his vehicle> I did look up reviews but I came across none so I hope this review helps someone save 500.

They are not professional at all. If you still decide to go with them I suggest recording your conversation.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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Dam glad I found this web sight before I agreed to pay $500 dollars to these people. I lost his phone# and looked up One Stop Motors and found this web page.Thank God for all you people who took the time to wright a complaint, Merry Christmass to you all! :?


Thanks so Much! I had a bad feeling about these guys... you saved me 500 bucks!


Again.. I'm sure you work for One Stop.

Do not give this company your money! They are LIARS!!!!!!!!! Two years later my truck is not sold I still have not heard from the company.

they could carless they ripped me off for 500. Yes, they had all information on my vehicle along with 10 photos!


I know some of you have had a bad experience with One Stop a bad experience with a "telemarketing weasel"...have to agree telemarketers CAN be WEASELS, but NOT ALL!!!!

BUT you have failed to let people know that One Stop Motors can do things that us normal consumers CANNOT!!!! They offer financing (which by the way is already PRE-QUALIFIED BEFORE THE SELLER IS CONTACTED), an extended warranty, vehicle transport and many other things.

LET ME ASK YOU A QUESTION GUYS????? How many people in this economy can PAY FOR A VEHICLE IN CASH????? Just a question!!!

It seems that NONE of you mentioned what kind of car you had for sale....if the title was salvaged....carfax see if your carfax report on YOUR car has any negatives on it...that could be why it hasn't sold yet!!!!

Sorry to burst bubbles, but I just don't understand why people don't put the whole thing down about what a company does and if you have problems???? Call the Head of the Company!!!! Don't bash them!!!! BTW...Dani...if you still have that car, you should call them back!!


i was about to go with one stop motor and thank god i found this because they would have been taking food out my baby mouth :?


After posting my previous comment I received a call from the CEO of One Stop Motors and was able to come to a satisfactory resolution. Thank you Ray.


Just got an unsolicited call from one-stop motors about a vehicle I have for sale... rep said goodbye and hung up on me after my second question (I asked where they were located).

Nice customer service move, huh? They clearly don't want my business, especially with all the other negative reviews they have on the net.


Stay away from the biggest scam on the internet! They try to charge you 500 bucks for a service that you can get for close to nothing if you do your homework. Almost every one of their "network sites" offer you one free ad with no obligation.


Then the telemarketing weasel offers a six month money back guarantee, but read the fine print before you give them your credit card number and beware!


thanks i was about to go with them. my hubby is in iraq and i am trying to sell his car!!

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