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One stop motors is a total scam! They conned me into purchasing the platinum package for $499, which had a money back guarantee if the vehicle didn't sell in 180 days. There were certain requirements that had to be met for the guarantee, 12 photos, one of the front, dash, engine, ect. After loading up the photos, I called and confirmed with a service tech that all the necessary requirements were met for the guarantee. After the 180 days went by, the vehicle had still not sold, and when it came time to honor the money back guarantee, of course they said that I didn't provide enough photos or the necessary ones. Big surprise! When it comes time to refund your money, they don't honor their guarantee!

When trying to contact someone to answer questions about the invalid rejection, they passed me around and could never get anyone to help. I left several voice mails an emails also with no response. I am in the process of filing legal action against them, that is the only way to make them honor their own advertising policy.

Trying to sell a vehicle shouldn't be this difficult. This has been the worst experience with a business that I have ever had.

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Here is the email denying me the refund.

On Wed, Mar 21, 2012 at 12:51 AM, Sharon P wrote:


I did not ask you if you wanted to have your advertisements refreshed. There is no question mark at the end of that sentence or indication that I was asking you a question. I am telling you that refreshing your ads is the only option that we have. Also as I mentioned I literally cut and pasted the username and password AND tested the login process which it did indeed work. Im not sure what you are doing on your end however it is fully functional.

When I go to and I type in 2008 Acura TL in the search on the top right your vehicle is the 3rd search results. I had no difficulty finding your Acura and I found it on my first attempt. Again all of your concerns have been reviewed and addressed accordingly. There is no refund that will be given.



I have had the exact same thing happening to me. promised a sale with a money back guarantee so nothing to lose right?

no the money back is a scam, saying i did not have a picture of the engine on my ad. This website is complete bull do not do business with them.

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